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Here you will find e-mail addresses or links to personal web pages of authors, contributors, or other persons mentioned in the articles. We find it convenient to keep contact information all on one page in case changes have to be made. Write to the editor if you have something to submit. Replace AT with "@" and DOT with "." This frustrates junk mail scanning robots.

Sam Allen, Editor of the journal   kvoa AT netlane DOT com

Arsham, Hossein (Frequentist Statistics)
University of Baltimore

Bowen, Ernest (Frequentist Statistics)
University of New England, Australia

Burdzy, Krzysztof (Rebuttal to Bayesean decision making)
University of Washington

Hamer, Peter G. P.G.Hamer AT nortel DOT co DOT uk
Nortel Technology, Ltd.

Henry of Rotherhithe   se16 AT btinternet DOT com

Israel, Robert   israel AT math DOT ubc DOT ca
Department of Mathematics
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z2

Jefferys, Bill   bill AT clyde DOT as DOT utexas DOT edu
Department of Astronomy
University of Texas at Austin

Lee, David
Bell Labs Research, China

Mays, Bill   mayswl AT home DOT com
Martin-Marietta Corp.

Rapoport, Amnon amnon AT u DOT arizona DOT edu
University of Arizona

Read, K. L. Q. K DOT L DOT Q DOT Read AT exeter DOT ac DOT uk
University of Exeter, U. K.
The Coupon Collector's Problem in
The American Statistician, May 1998, Vol. 52, No. 2 PDF

Rosencrantz, Ted   ted AT rosencrantz DOT stcloudstate DOT edu
St. Cloud (Minn.) State University

Seale, Darryl A. dseale AT ccmail DOT nevada DOT edu
University of Nevada

Williams, Charles D. H.   C DOT D DOT H DOT Williams AT exeter DOT ac DOT uk
University of Exeter