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Candy Matson

YUkon 3-8309

Kim Komando We couldn't find a picture of Natalie Masters, who played Candy Matson, so we are using a picture of Kim Komando instead. We found her through an award button she gave to Shawn Thomas. Kim likes glitzy web sites like Shawn's and maintains one of her own. Click on her picture to go there.

Natalie had a few movie roles but never became a featured player. The Candy Matson show had a short life because it never attracted a sponsor. There was a great deal of competition for sponsors back then and today we do not consider that a reflection on the show's quality.

The nice thing about Candy being on radio is that she can be just as beautiful as you imagine her to be. Now stop staring at Kim and listen to Natalie!

Real Player G2 Winamp Stream The Fortune Teller, Sep 21, 1952 Download Windows Media Player

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